István Gárdos, founding member and managing partner of our Firm has passed away 3 March 2020

Dr. Gárdos István
István Gárdos started his professional career in the Legal Department of the Hungarian Central Bank. From 1987 he was the General Counsel of Magyar Hitel Bank, one of the major commercial banks established in the process of creating the two-tier banking system. In this position, he was directing and supervising the creation of the structure and professional conditions of the operation of one of the first new major banks. He was a founder of our Firm in 1992 and the managing partner of the Firm until his death. He possessed exceptional knowledge in the fields of civil law, banking law, capital markets, and securities law. He contributed to the legal literature with numerous publications. He actively participated in laying down the theoretical foundations and preparing the text of the provisions of the new Civil Code regarding hypothecary law, credit and account agreements and guarantee agreements.

It was a decisive experience for the professional career of all the present and past colleagues of our Firm to work with István Gárdos. He was directing our work with great patience and professional fastidiousness. The values he represented and transmitted are accompanying us not only in our professional career but in other areas of our life.

We are saying goodbye to a professional, a colleague and a friend setting an example.

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