Flexible labour rules introduced by the Government in response to the coronavirus pandemic

24 March 2020

As a response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Government introduced several extraordinary measures in the field of labour law:

  • The employer may amend the communicated work schedule without referring to circumstances unforeseeable in its management or operation, and the new schedule may be implemented without any time limit, consequently the work schedule for the next day may also be amended
  • The employer is entitled to order working from home for its employees unilaterally. The limits of the Labour Code are not applicable.
  • The employer may take necessary and justified measures to ensure health surveillance of the employee.
  • The employer and the employee may deviate from any provision of the Labour Code in their agreement, so they are entitled to agree to the detriment of the employee as well as to deviate from any provision of the Labour Code from which the derogation was prohibited earlier.

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