Corporate Law

We provide practical solutions in corporate law, corporate transactions and commercial matters.

We help our clients to find the company form that best suits their planned economic activity. After choosing the corporate form, we prepare the documents related to the establishment of the companies. In the case of simpler companies, our template documents allow the quick and cost-efficient establishment. Where complex structures are necessary, we prepare corporate and other cooperation agreements that meet individual expectations, and we support our clients in negotiating these documents with other members of the company.

We advise public and private companies and shareholders in the preparation of corporate documents, and we also represent our clients in proceedings before the authorities related to establishment and operation.

We support our clients in developing commercial agreements, in their business negotiations, and when they are looking for a legal solution to problems arising from their contractual relationship.

Our core area of expertise is M&A transactions. We have experience in the sale of shares in companies, businesses and assets. We are involved in all phases of the transaction, from planning, through due diligence, drafting and negotiation of the transaction documents, until closing.

Our experience:

Company establishment

We regularly provide legal advice on the establishment of companies. If the establishment requires authorization or notification, we represent our client in these procedures.


We have experience in various forms of company acquisitions on both the seller and buyer side. We provide support to our clients in selecting the most efficient solutions to achieve their goals.

Transformation of companies

There are several reasons why a company may decide to review its operations comprehensively. By way of example, operational difficulties or M&A transactions may require corporate restructurings. We provide legal support to our client throughout this process.

Start up companies

We are happy to support startups with growth potential. We have extensive experience in the preparation of the establishment and operation documentation and in the formation of organizational structure and operation of a company suitable for receiving a prospective capital investor.

When launching a company, particularly in the case of a company with rapid and high growth potential, it is of vital importance that the company is structured in a way that enables capital injections. We offer unique solutions in terms of services and remuneration for startups.

Our services cover

  • drawing up background agreements preceding the foundation of the enterprise,
  • the protection of the software rights, trademarks, know-how relating to the startup,
  • drafting the necessary corporate, employment and commercial documents,
  • preparing the documents required for the operation of the company,
  • drafting and reviewing financing arrangements.

We have experience in drafting contracts with international and domestic capital investors, financial and strategic partners during the sale of a startup company and in the development of contractual and corporate solutions to ensure the protection of the founding owners and the management rights.

Corporate litigations

We regularly represent clients in corporate litigations. Our litigation experience extends to

  • disputes between members,
  • disputes between members and the company, such as the exclusion of a member,
  • enforcing damages claims against the chief executive officer,
  • enforcing creditors' claims against the limited liability member,
  • representation in lawsuits for the nullity of the articles of association

Corporate housekeeping

We provide continuous support to companies. Our activities in this area include information on the legal requirements for the operation and decision making of the company. Where needed, we provide a more comprehensive range of legal support, for example, by providing continuous monitoring of legislation.

Recent transactions:

  • We participated in the transfer of the entire contract portfolio of financial, capital and insurance market service providers and intermediaries, and the legal management of the changes.
  • We participated in the establishment of several private limited companies. The last such company was established with a share capital of HUF 100 million.
  • We help a private limited company to continue operating as a public limited company with legal and transaction advice.
  • We implemented the merger of several companies.
  • Our client acquired one of the businesses of another company for further operation by acquiring the business in the form of a new company.
  • The foreign member of our client operating in the form of Ltd. transferred his business shares to a domestic member of the company by sale.
  • We provided legal due diligence tasks for the acquisition of companies.
  • We successfully represented a company in lawsuits filed by its members to declare the resolutions of the member's meeting null and void.

About us

About us