Labour Law

Our labour law practice covers general employment and labour law counselling, and we further provide labour law related support for business processes and daily operation of our clients. In addition, we provide the following legal services: drawing up employment contracts, notices and termination agreements, advising on organisation of working time, work schedules and remuneration, legal assistance during introduction of any new structure of remuneration, completing due diligence projects in order to examine the internal organisation and employment relations of the employer, drafting employment related documents, internal rules of operation and policies, legal assistance in development of new benefit or bonus systems, providing labour law risk analysis of various transactions, representation of our clients in disputes, providing legal advice in restructuring, reorganization and organisational development projects.

We were members of Employment Law Alliance, the international professional employment law network for almost 10 years. Due to the good working relations, we can provide advice to our clients in international employment matters as well.